Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Review: Double Blind

Double Blind
Double Blind by Heidi Cullinan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

New Review for the Re-release of Special Delivery Series March 2014

Who is on top and who´s at the bottom? Who is the Dom and who will play the sub? Who is an Ace and who is just a King? But above all, who gets to break down and who is going to put the pieces back together?

Randy Jensen and Ethan Ellison can´t be any more different if they try. One night when Ethan thinks he has lost it all, and Randy feels like betting on the poor soul, destiny puts them together as cards in a game that is way out of their league, or is it?

Randy, doesn’t believe in fate. He believes each man makes his own luck. Playing poker in a low end casino in Vegas, he´s seen almost everything. Ethan, is innocent and new, naive even; but with a wicked side that calls to Randy like nothing before.

Everything in Double Blind is about poker, the cards, the players, learning to bluff and read people. And while we are trying to learn to play, the story of a man that finally grieves and starts to love again, meets the story of a man that was wrapped up so deep inside himself that he no longer knew who he was.

Ethan went to Vegas to end his life, without even imagining his life was about to begin. He didn’t know he had it in him, but he is funny, naughty, kinky, open minded, stubborn and smart.

Randy needs Ethan in his life, he just doesn’t know his place anymore. He was the third in Sam and Mitch´s relationship for so long, that was his place. Finding his space with Ethan, Sam and Mitch takes him a little while. We get to see a different Randy, a boy still hurting, a man in love that doesn´t know what to do with all his feelings.

These changes are not just on an emotional level, we get some pretty intense action in the bedroom too. Honestly, the hotness of these four are like nothing else. Doesn´t matter if it’s an orgy or an intimate strip dance for two, the author pushes all the right buttons.

I love seeing Sam and Mitch again, and seeing Sam growing up so much. I like that they are part of the story, not just standing on the sides. They’ve been Randy´s for a long time, so watching them all interact with Ethan was only fair.

This is a new chapter in Randy´s life and as he finds his place in the new dynamic, Mitch and Sam are his constant.

Crabtree deserves a special mention, his mind games were really intense and f***** up, but he had a plan, and in the end even with a few misreadings in between, it all worked out just as he planned.

I have to say, Double Blind gets better with time. This is a much solid version and I love seeing all of them again.

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Original Review January 2013 - 4*

I don´t think I loved Ethan and Randy as much as I loved Sam and Mitch but it was a great story anyway.
The poker talk, game talk, casino was hard to follow at times, but it was one of the things that made this book interesting.
How life is completely related to poker, I never thought about it but it makes sense, especially for Ethan and Randy.
There is a lot going on in the bedroom too, ups and downs, D/s and switch all well plotted and developed. All sexy and tastefully done.
Randy losing his face, Ethan finding what or better WHO he was supposed to be. Even Crabtree served his purpose, and you cannot dislike the guy in the end. His mind games are always one step ahead of any of the participants.
But still if Sam or Mitch were in the room, my attention was on them.
And I wish I got that particular night the 4 of them are together from Sam´s POV, he has in my opinion the best voice of them all.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Review: Echoes of Us

Echoes of Us
Echoes of Us by Teegan Loy

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Echoes of Us was a huge and very unexpected surprise.

After the initial shock and disappointment at the use of insta love and the fact that these two are music stars without a bad boy attitude, [a:Teegan Loy|6449698|Teegan Loy|]showed me that I can still LOVE a book that is not perfect in all the things.

It was a slow burn, a slow and long way to that point where my heart was crying silent tears and I couldn't believe she was doing that to me.

Rylan is the type of guy that never puts his feelings on the line, except he does, so much it hurts. He has to put up with his parents rejecting him, or at least he thinks they are. He feels he is not good enough, always a disappointment to them.

He meets Jade, and even when he tells himself he is not going to go there, he does and falls in love like never before. These two make an amazing couple, they complement each other so well. Jade jumps right into the relationship even though this is the first time he feels attracted to a man.

The journey into their relationship is one that I loved reading, how carefree Jade was, and how that carefree attitude pushes Rylan to relax and enjoy the ride.

It is not just about their love, it’s about their music too. And all their struggles as they reach the top.

I don’t want to give much more away. I can tell you that you will need your kleenex. I can tell you that you will truly love the secondary characters, these female roles that surround them are strong and reliable; I wish I had a Maggie in my corner sometimes!

I love a book that can still surprise me, I love a book that is not full of cliches. I love an author that grabs an idea and makes it her/his own, showing me something different and unique.

It was the pace, it was the characterization, it was the relationships between the characters..

I´m glad I picked this book and I hope you will give it a chance to surprise you too.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Review: Not As Easy As It Looks

Not As Easy As It Looks
Not As Easy As It Looks by Jaime Samms

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Days after I’ve finished this book and I still don’t know where to start with the review.

Words fail me, and even though I took notes while reading, right now they are all over the place and make no sense at all… so please bear with me.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think MMM is sex. Lots and lots of sex. I mean, if two boys can have that much fun together, imagine what can happen with three of them in the same room, right?

Right there, that’s your first mistake. If you are planning on picking up this book, you will have to think again about polyamorous relationships. For these MCs nothing is about sex, well not until very late in the story anyway.

I felt a very powerful connection to these characters, on different levels, I recognized myself in Don’s need for family, Cliff’s protective instincts and Howard’s fears of not being enough.

Their poly dynamic is different from any other MMM book I’ve read. It is all about their relationship and how to make it work, taking care of each man’s needs, making sure they each get what they need out of their relationship.

It starts in a spontaneous way, more of a friend supporting another friend in a time of need. And after just one kiss, all three of them feel their world shift. They are not sure what to call it, or how to make it work, but Don and Cliff know that there is no way they can live without Howard in their lives.

All three of them are very unique characters, very special individuals. Don has a sense of family that cuts deep; he needs to belong to someone. His family is his rock, and he can only be happy if he is there to provide Cliff and Howie with that same safe environment. It might kill him in the way, he will fight demons he doesn’t even know exist, and he will have to ask for help.

Cliff is the papa bear of the troupe, he will protect the men he loves with everything he has. Always strong and confident.

And Howie… he will start as their weakest link. The one that needs the most, the lonely one. It will take a while for him to see that he fits, really fits with Don and Cliff.

Such an emotional, eye opening book. For me, their love, how they work to build a life where they can be open and sincere about their feelings. How they fight against the obstacles and stick together during the hard times.

Why not a 5* you ask? Well, the one thing that didn’t work for me was how the story was told. See, it goes back and forth from age 7 to age 27, telling their story with different scenes at different times in their lives. So, it got confusing, and a bit hard to keep the timeline straight.

Don’t go looking for the dirty, it’s mostly off page, right until the end. And boy, do we get a change of pace and a huge surprise there. The slow building to that moment is totally worth the wait, enjoy the ride.

Worth reading, if you enjoy the sub-genre. And if this is your first MMM, I can only say it’s a great choice.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Review: The First Real Thing

The First Real Thing
The First Real Thing by Cat Grant

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The plot line is probably a bit "Pretty Woman" cliche, except for the boy part of the plot.
But I really liked the characters and the writing, so I enjoyed this book very much.
Cameron is very cocky and thinks he knows it all, and one mistake, one miss-judgement changes his life forever.
It was funny to see his reaction when he realized he made a mistake with the "client"
And from there I loved everything else.
Great read, if you are in between books, need something light sexy and fun to read, this one is a great option.

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Review: Let It Snow

Let It Snow
Let It Snow by Heidi Cullinan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

According to the dedication on this book, Heidi wanted a snowed in story, couldn´t find one so she wrote it...Bravo!!!!

Bears, big, hairy, strong, masculine bears. And a twink, who provides the perfect balance, he is just amazing. And so strong and fabulous...I loved Frankie. He might be a walking cliche, but he makes it his own, that´s who he is, and he is not going to change.

Marcus, is a scary man at first but ends up being a huge softy at heart. The perfect combination for Frankie.

And the sex, as usual is smoking hot.

I pick up this book to have a change of scenery from the 100F we are suffering here, a little snow did me good. ;)

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Review: A Matter of Time, Vol. 1

A Matter of Time, Vol. 1
A Matter of Time, Vol. 1 by Mary Calmes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Im late, I know Im starting late...and now I need all 7 books to know what happens next!!!! Angry, annoyed doesn´t start to describe how Im feeling.

First, Im shipping the wrong pairing, but honestly is the only pairing that makes sense...

And now I´m so angry with Sam, he is such a selfish ass**** Honestly, what is wrong with you? Jory is AMAZING, caring, such a good honest guy...and you are a brat!

I dont even care you have to come out, and feels like is too much. Jory is worth it! arghhhhhh you are lucky you are not real Sammy.

Ignore my ranting, this only happens when I get too involved with the book and the characters.

Can I have a date with Dane, please?

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Review: Family Man

Family Man
Family Man by Heidi Cullinan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved everything about this book.

It was just so close to me, my family. I know exactly how Vinnie feels every-time the family gets together, and Rachel for that matter. Italian families work in a funny way, we might not all get along all the time, but if one is hurting, we are all hurting.

That used to creep me out a bit, getting a phone call from a second cousin about this or that, that was going on in my life. As I grew older I learn to take that as family concern and welcome it, need it sometimes, just like Vinnie.

And nothing prepared me to read my RL cousin story in this book. It´s amazing when fiction and reality come together sometimes. And the reading experience turned into a more personal one.

I was trying to pin-point my family members among Vinnie´s LOL

We all reacted differently, that first time we meet my cousin BF, and I know that he had conversations like "do you want me to move away?" with his military brother, or "I thought about ending my life" with his parents. So seeing everything in the form of a book, that turmoil of emotions for Vinnie, that fear of facing the family and be able to live his life fully, had me texting my cousin last night just to say ILY.

A few other things I really liked about this book:

*That even tho they point out the issues with Church, and the catholic upbringing, they don't take it as a political statement, is just the way Vinnie is brought up and doesn´t define him.

*Sex is about love! YES, reading a gay boy who values sex as a connection, intimacy and love. Was sweet and perfect.

*The fight against stereotypes. Vinnie was the macho man, the Italian stallion and he was also a bottom. He never doubt it.

This book brings out the best from these two authors. They are amazing on their own and nothing below that could come out of their collab.

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